National Cyber League Introduces Scouting Reports to Hasten the Cybersecurity Hiring Process

November 8, 2016

Cybersecurity employees are in high demand and needed now. The National Cyber League (NCL) understands this demand for talent and has a performance-based assessment—Scouting Report—to help quickly find qualified employees.

In a recent report by NTT Com Security, half of 1,000 business executives surveyed did not have a plan to protect data if they were hacked. Organizations that are investing in cybersecurity software or services are expected to spend more than $100 billion by 2020, compared to $73 billion in 2016 because of fear of attacks. Major hacks have continuously hurt big companies and personal data is endlessly being infiltrated. More cybersecurity professionals are in demand but how can companies find qualified personnel? The answer is NCL Scouting Reports.

Scouting Reports were developed to transform the “old-school” ways of hiring cybersecurity professionals based solely on a résumé. When participants compete in NCL games, their performance, strengths, and weaknesses are measured and detailed in the Reports. The Scouting Reports measure player’s performance against a range of industry-backed competencies, such as log analysis, scanning, traffic analysis, web application security, wireless security, and open source intelligence gathering.

The Reports also compare participants, which saves companies time and money by showing them the most talented potential employees in a clear format. To meet their specified needs, businesses can customize reports to zero in on specific skills, demographics and geography.

A sample Scouting Report is available here, For information on the Scouting Reports, which are available for purchase, or more about NCL, visit or email info(at)nationalcyberleague(dot)org.

About National Cyber League:
The National Cyber League (NCL) provides a cybersecurity training ground in a high-fidelity, simulation environment that requires participants to work individually in the Regular Season and in teams during the Postseason events. The NCL events are designed for participants to solve real problems with actual deadlines under time, technical and resource constraints. The NCL assists higher education institutions across the country in student preparation for its events and for professional certifications. Companies seeking qualified talent can access the NCL’s Scouting Reports to evaluate potential cybersecurity professionals who have demonstrated skills in the NCL events. The NCL is where cybersecurity is a passion for students, faculty and the workforce. To learn more, visit