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NCC 214: Ethical Hacking & Sytems Defense

Lab Exercises Performing Reconnaissance from the WAN Scanning the Network on the LAN Enumeration Hosts using Wireshark, Windows, and Linux Commands Remote and Local Exploitation Using the Dark Comet Remote Access Trojan (RAT) Capturing and Analyzing Network Traffic Using a Sniffer Using SET (Social Engineering Toolkit) Performing a Denial of... Continue Reading

Capstone Labs

Lab Exercises Provisioning a Web Server Provisioning a MySQL Database Provisioning PHP SQL Injections (SQLi) HTML Injections (HTMLi) Reflected XSS PHP Sessions and Cookies Session Stealing (Remote Reflected XSS) Vulnerable Forum

NCC 220: Network Security Fundamentals

Lab Exercises Configuring a Windows based Firewall to Allow Incoming Traffic Configuring a Linux based Firewall to Allow Incoming and Outgoing Traffic Implementing Secure DHCP and DNS Configuring a Linux based Firewall to Allow Outgoing Traffic Configuring Access Control Lists on a Linux Based Firewall Configuring a Virtual Private Network... Continue Reading

NCC 212: Scripting Fundamentals

Lab Exercises Advanced Data Structure Usage File I/O, String Parsing and Data Structures Tuples(Arrays), Error handling and Secure Programming Loops Math in Python Getting Started with Python on Ubuntu – Running from the Command Line Introduction to Control Structures and Data Types Getting Started with Python on Ubuntu – Writing... Continue Reading

NCC 205: Linux Server II: System Administration

Lab Exercises Configuring X Windows in CentOS and Fedora Desktop Accessibility Technologies User and Group Accounts System Administration Tasks – 1 System Administration Tasks – 2 System Administration Tasks – 3 crontab and at Configuring Locale and Time Zone Settings Working with Email – 1 Working with Email – 2... Continue Reading

NCC 204: Linux Server I: Linux Fundamentals

Lab Exercises CentOS Server Linux Installation Ubuntu Desktop Linux Installation Installing Packages and Shared Libraries on Fedora and Ubuntu Displaying Hardware Adding a New Partition Managing Filesystem Quotas Booting and Restarting the System Using the BASH Shell – 1 Using the BASH Shell – 2 Using the BASH Shell –... Continue Reading

NCC 215: Digital Forensics

Lab Exercises Introduction to File Systems Common Locations of Windows Artifacts Hashing Data Sets Drive Letter Assignments in Linux The Imaging Process Introduction to Single Purpose Forensic Tools Introduction to Autopsy Forensic Browser The FAT File System The NTFS File System Browser Artifact Analysis Communication Artifacts User Profiles and the... Continue Reading

NCC 200: Networking Fundamentals

Lab Exercises Configuring Port Redirection Implementing NAT and Allowing Remote Access IPv4 vs IPv6 – Calculating, Configuring and Testing Network Management Business Continuity – Disaster Recovery Exploiting Wireless Security Closing Ports and Unnecessary Services Implementing Security Policies on Windows and Linux Network Security – Firewalls Network Troubleshooting TCP/IP Utilities The... Continue Reading

NCC 210: Fundamentals of Information Security

Lab Exercises Securing the pfSense Firewall Implementing NAT and Allowing Remote Access Implementing Common Protocols and Services Examining Wireless Networks  Implementing Security Policies on Windows and Linux Data Backups in Windows, BSD, and Linux Incident Response Procedures, Forensics, and Forensic Analysis Crafting and Deploying Malware Social Engineering Exploiting Wireless Security... Continue Reading

National CyberWatch Communicator – February 2017

The February edition of National CyberWatch Communicator features Cybersecurity Policy Ideas for New President, Innovations in Cybersecurity Education, Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Courseware, 3CS Call for Proposals, 3CS Pre-Summit Job Fair, and National Cyber League. Read More