Colleen Huber
Director, Marketing and Communications

Spearheading marketing and outreach strategies, Colleen and the innovative Nelly Group team work closely with the directors of the National CyberWatch Center to support their business and long-term objectives. As Nelly Group’s senior creative director since 2014, Colleen brings a plethora of experience in online marketing, digital learning, community enhancement, networking engagement, and public relations to the National CyberWatch team. She effectively disseminates the center’s cutting-edge educational and workforce development materials for national consumption and continues to enhance the program’s branding with high-quality messaging, images, and publication design. Keeping a keen eye on analytics and trends, Colleen remains relevant and continually produces effective communication strategies and capacity-building practices for the growth of the National CyberWatch Center’s programs, events, and initiatives.

Director, Marketing and Communications: Colleen Huber

External Evaluator

Director, Community College Cyber Summit (3CS) & Senior Advisor

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Co-Principal Investigator and Executive Director

Director, Marketing and Communications: Colleen Huber

Director, Marketing and Communications

Director, Scholarship for Service (SFS) Four-Year & Senior Advisor

Co-Principal Investigator & Director, Research and Assessments

Director, Finance & Center Manager

Director, National Cybersecurity Student Association

Co-Principal Investigator & Senior Advisor

Virtual Lab Manager

Senior Advisor