The following labs provide learners with the fundamental concepts of the Linux operating systems. The labs cover topics such as installing an operating system, working with a package, manager, displaying hardware, adding partitions, managing the filesystem, working with a shell (bash), monitoring processes, and creating/manipulating files, creating and managing groups and users, scheduling tasks, working with email, basic network configurations, host hardening techniques, and an introduction to shell scripting. These lab exercises also help prepare individuals seeking to pass the CompTIA Linux+ certification exam (XK0-004):

  1. CentOS Server Linux Installation
  2. Ubuntu Desktop Linux Installation
  3. Installing Packages and Shared Libraries on Fedora and Ubuntu
  4. Displaying Hardware
  5. Adding a New Partition
  6. Managing Filesystem Quotas
  7. Booting and Restarting the System
  8. Using the BASH Shell – 1-4
  9. Monitoring Processes
  10. Working with Files
  11. Managing Text Files – 1-3
  12. Configuring X Windows in CentOS and Fedora Desktop
  13. Accessibility Technologies
  14. User and Group Accounts
  15. System Administration Tasks – 1
  16. System Administration Tasks – 2
  17. System Administration Tasks – 3
  18. crontab and at
  19. Configuring Locale and Time Zone Settings
  20. Working with Email – 1
  21. Working with Email – 2
  22. Basic Network Configuration
  23. Basic Security Administration
  24. Securing Data with Encryption on a Linux System
  25. Host Security
  26. BASH shell features
  27. BASH Scripting
  28. Working with a SQL Database