The following lab exercises provide the learner with an in-depth introduction to scripting languages, including basic data types, control structures, regular expressions, input/output, and textual analysis:

  1. Advanced Data Structure Usage
  2. File I/O, String Parsing and Data Structures
  3. Tuples(Arrays), Error handling and Secure Programming
  4. Loops
  5. Math in Python
  6. Getting Started with Python on Ubuntu – Running from the Command Line
  7. Introduction to Control Structures and Data Types
  8. Getting Started with Python on Ubuntu – Writing Your First Program
  9. Verifying a File Type with its Extension
  10. Creating a Ping Scanner
  11. Data Visualization
  12. Pattern Matching
  13. Extracting and Cleaning Data Using Python
  14. Analysis with Kmeans
  15. Inheritance
Technical Course

NCC 212: Scripting Fundamentals