The following lab exercises are designed to provide an introduction to and basic technical understanding of the functions and operations of various desktop, server, and mobile operating systems, and focus on features, concepts, and diagnostic tools that allow the learner to rapidly determine the condition of a system and how best to rectify a fault. These labs are also intended for those preparing for the CompTIA A+ Core 2 (220-1002) certification exam:

  1. Introduction to Operating Systems
  2. Computer Security Basics
  3. Desktop Virtualization
  4. Introduction to Windows 7
  5. Introduction to Windows 8.1
  6. Introduction to Windows 10
  7. Supporting and Troubleshooting Windows
  8. Linux on the Desktop
  9. Connecting Desktops and Laptops to Networks
  10. Mobile Operating Systems
  11. File Management in the Cloud
Technical Course

NCC 217: Operating Systems Fundamentals