4 credit/unit hours – Four hours of lecture weekly; one term

This course combines an ethical hacking methodology with the hands-on application of security tools to better help students secure their systems. Students are introduced to common countermeasures that effectively reduce and/or mitigate attacks.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • Understand the various approaches used by attackers;
  • Utilize various information security tools given different target systems in different environments;
  • Discuss how the tools interrelate with each other in an overall penetration testing process;
  • Apply a common ethical hacking methodology to carry out a penetration test;
  • Analyze how penetration testing and ethical hacking fit into a comprehensive enterprise information security program;Implement countermeasures for various types of attacks; and
  • Demonstrate ethical behavior appropriate to security-related technologies

Main Topics

1.0 Introduction to Ethical Hacking
2.0 Penetration testing professional certifications
3.0 Open Source Intelligence Gathering
4.0 Scanning
5.0 Enumeration
6.0 Exploitation
7.0 Post-Exploitation