Cybersecurity: National Strategy, Roles, and Responsibilities Need to Be Better Defined and More Effectively Implemented

This 112 page report presents the results of a study on cybersecurity conducted by the United States Government Accountability Office. Federal agencies face increasing numbers of cyber attacks each year that place sensitive information at risk, impact the nation’s computer systems and networks, and disrupt the operations of government and business and the lives of individuals. The purpose of the study was to “(1) identify challenges faced by the federal government in addressing a strategic approach to cybersecurity, and (2) determine the extent to which the national cybersecurity strategy adheres to desirable characteristics for such a strategy.” This report found that the “Federal strategy has evolved over time but is not fully defined” and contains recommendations for executive action.

Publisher: United States Government Accountability Office
Date Published: April 3, 2014
Classification: Oversight and Development
Education Level: Vocational/Professional Development Education
Type: Reference Material
Language: English