Linux Fundamentals e-Book

Linux Fundamentals provides students with the fundamental concepts of Linux operating systems. This book covers such topics as file systems, commands, utilities, text editing, shell scripting, and text processing utilities. Students will learn command line syntax and features of the popular Linux shells, including filename generation, redirection, pipes, and quoting mechanisms. The content in this book maps to the CompTIA Linux+ professional certification.

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Date Published: May 13, 2016
Instructor Resource Center (JBL login required)
Price: $79.95 USD
Print ISBN: 9781284108057, 1284108058
eText ISBN: 9781284108057
Maps to Course: NCC 204: Linux Server I: Linux Fundamentals
Classification: Operate and Maintain
Education Level: Higher Education
Type: e-Book
Language: English

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