Cybersecurity Students and Professionals Can Now Register for National Cyber League

September 15, 2016

The IT industry is predicting over 4.5 million cybersecurity jobs available by the end of decade. It’s no wonder that the National Cyber League’s (NCL) popularity continues to grow. The NCL challenges cybersecurity students and professionals through virtual training exercises, and registration for Fall Season is now open.

NCL breeds future cybersecurity professional talent through preparatory lab exercises and challenges that deal with real problems and resource constraints. The NCL helps participants develop and validate knowledge and skills from nine competencies that include open source intelligence, scanning, enumeration, web app exploitation, log analysis, and more. In addition, faculty from two- and four-year colleges and universities can use free resources to integrate the NCL content into the classroom. Instructors will receive a suggested course progression from NCL preparatory lab exercises to competition challenges to professional certifications.

“The experience and lessons learned from these series of events have been highly beneficial for all of our students — both from a technical and a motivational standpoint”, states Jayson Hayworth, Vice President of Hawai’i Advanced Technology Society. “It is my firm belief that all of our participating students have garnered a higher degree of aptitude within our field; regardless of what career path they will choose.”

NCL measures participants’ skill sets and how they compare to others and produces an individualized performance-based assessment, also known as the NCL Scouting Report. Organizations looking to hire qualified candidates can access these reports.

Registration for NCL is open through Oct. 3. For more information or to register, visit

About National Cyber League:
The National Cyber League (NCL) provides a cybersecurity training ground in a high-fidelity, simulation environment that requires participants to work individually in the Regular Season and in teams during the Postseason events. The NCL events are designed for participants to solve real problems with actual deadlines under time, technical and resource constraints. The NCL assists higher education institutions across the country in student preparation for its events and for professional certifications. Companies seeking qualified talent can access the NCL’s Scouting Reports to evaluate potential cybersecurity professionals who have demonstrated skills in the NCL events. The NCL is where cybersecurity is a passion for students, faculty and the workforce. To learn more, visit