Who We Serve

National CyberWatch Center continues its culture of collaboration, coordinating a broad national network of networks, including:


One-stop shop for quality educational and training resources, access to employers, using engaging ways to develop talent


Access the Center’s vast network of organizations, subject matter experts, and relationships

Employees & Alumni

Partner with an industry leader in cybersecurity educational standards, job preparedness, and placement

Business & Employers

Create business solutions and access to quality frontline and specialized cybersecurity experts


As a leader in cybersecurity education and research, the National CyberWatch Center’s roles include:


Advocate for the role of community colleges in cybersecurity education and workforce development


Build cybersecurity education and workforce development programs of impact


Collaborate with educational institutions, businesses, government entities, and professional organizations to strengthen cybersecurity education and research programs


Coordinate collaborative cybersecurity education and research programs


Promote educational and workforce development models of impact

Our Team

Meet the National CyberWatch Center Team

Administrative Associate

Director, Membership & Director, Scholarship for Service (SFS) Two-Year

Director, Community College Cyber Summit (3CS)

Executive Director and Principal Investigator

Senior Advisor

Director, Research & Assessment

Director, Finance and Center Manager

Director, National Cybersecurity Student Association

External Evaluator

Director, Programs and Regional Director, Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition

Director, Marketing & Communications

Director, Curriculum

Virtual Labs

Senior Advisor