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National CyberWatch Center continues its culture of collaboration, coordinating a broad national network of networks, including:


One-stop shop for quality educational and training resources, discounted certification exam vouchers, webcasts, internships, and access to employers looking to hire


The largest network of Information Security educators and institutions of higher education in the world


Individual membership program with continued professional development, publishing opportunities, and more


Corporate memberships that allow for the participation in National Curriculum Standards Panels, access to Cybersecurity Workforce Maturity Assessments, formative credentialing solutions, and a huge network of qualified talent


As a leader in cybersecurity education and workforce development, the National CyberWatch Center’s roles include:


Advocate for the role of community colleges and universities in cybersecurity education and workforce development


Build cybersecurity education and workforce development programs of impact


Collaborate with educational institutions, businesses, government entities, and professional organizations to strengthen cybersecurity education, workforce development, and research programs


Coordinate collaborative cybersecurity education, workforce development, and research programs


Promote educational and workforce development models of impact

Our Team

Meet the National CyberWatch Center Team

External Evaluator

Director, Community College Cyber Summit (3CS) & Senior Advisor

Casey W. O'Brien Profile Picture

Co-Principal Investigator and Executive Director

Director, Marketing and Communications: Colleen Huber

Director, Marketing and Communications

Director, Scholarship for Service (SFS) Four-Year & Senior Advisor

Co-Principal Investigator & Director, Research and Assessments

Director, Finance & Center Manager

Director, National Cybersecurity Student Association

Co-Principal Investigator & Senior Advisor

Virtual Lab Manager

Senior Advisor


National Visiting Committee (NVC)

The Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) funds projects to improve technological education at the undergraduate and secondary school levels. The goal of the program is to produce more technicians to meet workforce demands and improve the technical skills and content preparation of these technicians and the educators who prepare them. Most of its grants are made to two-year colleges.

Successful applicants for large grants (funded at $750,000 or more) are required to appoint a NVC. These committees are groups of advisors that work with grantees and NSF to help them achieve their goals and objectives. They assess the plans and progress of the project and report to NSF and the project leadership. Committee members also provide advice to the project staff and may serve as advocates for effective projects. In general, NVCs are similar to the advisory committees that are already an integral part of higher education institutions.

In fact, most state and federally funded programs for these colleges require a local or regional advisory committee. However, there are differences between these committees and the NVCs. For example, local advisory committees report only to the project leadership who, in turn, set the meeting agendas. The NVCs not only report to the project, but also to NSF. Furthermore, NSF appoints the committee members, and the NVC chairperson plays a major role in setting the agenda.

Elayne Starkey

Elayne Starkey

Former Chief Security Officer
State of Delaware

Dr. Philip Craiger

Associate Professor of Cybersecurity,
Department of Security Studies and International Affairs
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Gaby Hawat

NVC Chair, Principal
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer
University of Providence

Dr. Corby Hovis

Lead Program Director,
Directorate for Education and Human Resources
National Science Foundation

Dr. Victor Piotrowski

Lead Program Director,
CyberCorps®: Scholarship for Service (SFS)
Division of Graduate Education
National Science Foundation

Corrinne Sande

Director & Principal Investigator,
National Cybersecurity Training & Education Center (NCYTE)
Whatcom Community College