Dr. Owen McNally
Director, Collaborations and Events

Owen is a professor, researcher and technology analyst in Austin, Texas. He is the Director of Collaborations and Events with the National CyberWatch Center. An enduring theme in his work over recent decades is an evaluation of technologies for usability, quality and ethics based on humanistic principles. He joined a series of software development teams as a usability and quality assurance analyst, and subsequently earned an interdisciplinary PhD at the University of Texas at Austin, with a program of work in Medical Cognitive Science. He has taught college level software design, cognitive studies, psychology, research methods, and statistics for the behavioral sciences. In recent years his work has been in cybersecurity readiness, modeling of COVID dynamics in populations, software design and usability, and analysis of investment opportunities in energy storage, AI, hospital software, neurotechnology, logistics and other sectors.

Director, National Cybersecurity Student Association

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Assistant Executive Director & Co-Principal Investigator, Dissemination

External Evaluator

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