Academic Institution Membership Objectives

  • To support the national imperative for developing cybersecurity-educated professionals by providing educational, networking, and collaborative opportunities for faculty and their institutions,
  • To foster evidenced-based practices among the membership by providing software platforms and data that support collaboration, and
  • To assist in the collection of data that can be used by all member schools as they create their cybersecurity organizational strategic plans

Academic Institution Engagement Benefits

  • Receive monthly National CyberWatch Communicator (e-Newsletter)
  • Zero-cost option to post requests via the National CyberWatch Communicator (e.g., position openings, requests for collaborators on grant proposals, upcoming events)
  • Option for no-charge joint membership in National Cybersecurity Training & Education Center (NCyTE) (formerly CyberWatch West)
  • No-charge access to webcasts sponsored by National CyberWatch Center
  • Marketing of your institution’s or program’s events via National CyberWatch Center social media channels & e-Newsletter
  • Member discount for National CyberWatch Cybersecurity Skills Development Workshops (discounts may vary)
  • Access to consulting services (e.g. Cybersecurity program development, faculty-led workshops/train-the-trainer events, curriculum design, grant development)
  • Access to National CyberWatch Center Library materials
  • Partnership opportunities with National CyberWatch on collaborative grants, research, publications, and presentations
  • Eligibility to participate in National CyberWatch Center Committees (e.g., Curriculum Standards Panels)
  • Eligibility to participate in National CyberWatch Innovations in Cybersecurity Education awards and recognition program
  • Promotion of white papers and research studies published through National CyberWatch Digital Press

Academic Institution Membership Obligations

  • The membership term is for one year upon signing up. Your institution must renew every year.
  • Annual update of faculty representative information. This includes verifying such information as continued employment at your institution, preferred email address and phone, academic degrees held, and national credentials awarded.
  • Annual update of programmatic information. The primary faculty contact listed in this agreement will be responsible for annually updating the institutional information and verifying the faculty listed under this institution’s academic membership plan.
  • Participation in flash surveys. By assisting colleagues with your response to these time-sensitive surveys, you will be actively participating in building our “community of practice” and adding to its value for all members.
  • Protection of National CyberWatch Center copyrights, materials and logos. National CyberWatch makes available a Brand Guideline that dictates all internal, external, partner, alliance and member usage of the National CyberWatch brand, logo, name and/or identity. It should guide all print, production, and digital design efforts.
New This Year
  • Academic Members have free access to the National Cybersecurity Student Association member portal; your same credentials can be used to access this site
  • Annual “I need to know…” survey: in grant proposals, or in departmental budget negotiations, faculty members are asked to justify purchase requests based on national data. On your behalf, National CyberWatch Center will send out a “flash survey” to its national membership or a subset that you request, and provide you with the response
  • Member/Program Spotlight: This inclusion in our monthly e-newsletter (National CyberWatch Communicator) gives your faculty or program national exposure to your innovations and achievements

NOTE: Member benefits will be updated annually and distributed to all members