The National CyberWatch Center, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), is a consortium of higher education institutions, public and private schools, businesses, and government agencies focused on building and maintaining a stronger Information Security workforce.

Members are critical to the growth and strength of the consortium in that they provide advice, effective practices, curricula, course modules, along with support and leadership for National CyberWatch Center programs and activities, and advocate for National CyberWatch Center initiatives to the broader community. The overarching mission of the center is to engage its membership and through them, drive the national conversation on cybersecurity education and workforce development.

Individual Membership Objectives

  • To support the national imperative for developing cyber-educated professionals by providing educational, networking, and collaborative opportunities for faculty and their institutions,
  • To foster research among the membership by providing software platforms, data, and applications that support collaboration, and
  • To assist in the collection of data that can be used by all member schools as they create their cybersecurity organizational strategic plans

Individual Engagement Benefits

  • Receive National CyberWatch Communicator (e-Newsletter)
  • No-charge access to public webinars sponsored by National CyberWatch Center
  • Member discount for National CyberWatch Center-sponsored workshops (discounts may vary)
  • Eligibility to participate in National CyberWatch Center Committees, including the Curriculum Standards Panels
  • Eligibility to participate in National CyberWatch Center’s Innovations in Cybersecurity Education program
  • Eligibility to create instructional content for distribution by National CyberWatch Center, with potential revenue-sharing opportunities
  • Eligibility to earn CEU credits through National CyberWatch Center-sponsored events
  • Promotion of authored works, published through National CyberWatch Center Digital Press
  • Access to National CyberWatch Center Library materials
  • Access to Career Center (under development)
  • Access to individualized competency-based education and training programs
  • Preferential speaking engagement opportunities for National CyberWatch Center-sponsored events

NOTE: Member benefits will be updated annually and distributed to all members.

Individual Membership Obligations

  • Annual update of member contact information. This includes verifying such information as your preferred email address and phone, academic degrees held, and national credentials awarded.
  • Participation in flash surveys. By assisting colleagues with your response to these time-sensitive surveys, you will also be earning additional benefits such as deeper discounts on conferences and publications. See the full description of the flash surveys for complete information.
  • Protection of NCC copyrights, materials and logos. National CyberWatch Center makes available a Brand Guideline document that guides all internal, external, partner, alliance and member usage of the National CyberWatch Center brand, logo, name and/or identity. It should guide all print, production and digital design efforts.

Annual Individual Membership Fees:

Individual memberships in the National CyberWatch Center are approved on an annual basis. The current categories of individual memberships are as follows:

  • New grad-practitioner – This category is for recent graduates, with less than three years in the workforce. Annual fee: $50
  • Cybersecurity Professional– For those working in the cybersecurity field, where their organization elected not to pursue a Corporate or Academic membership. Annual Fee: $125
  • Retired Faculty and Practitioners – Those current faculty or retired individuals, unaffiliated with either a member corporation or academic institution. Annual Fee: $75