Ben Reid
External Evaluator

Ben Reid is the Executive Director of Impact Allies, a research and evaluation firm that has built its reputation for advancing STEM over the past 10 years by producing knowledge, tools, and connections that impact academia and industry. During this time, Ben has served as the independent evaluator for computer science and cybersecurity projects at the two-year community college through graduate education levels.

In addition to company management and evaluation roles, Ben serves as the Principal Investigator for National Science Foundation awards focusing on the NSF’s “Big Ideas” of Growing Convergence Research and Harnessing the Data Revolution. His work covers the fields of energy, electric vehicles, water, food, manufacturing, cybersecurity, control and data systems, land management, student/career pathways, scholarship programs, workforce development and grant ecosystems.

Prior to founding Impact Allies, Ben’s work included eight years implementing multi-faceted marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, five years teaching and program director experience at the college and university levels, and two years in a startup. Ben earned a Masters of International Business from the University of Florida, a B.A. from the University of South Wales, and a private pilot’s license.

Director, National Cybersecurity Student Association

Director, Collaborations and Events

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