The Cyber-READY Professionals Consortium is for faculty and Industry members to come together, making a difference in the employability of students in the field of Cybersecurity:

  • Become a part of the Business Industry Leadership Team (BILT) at the local, regional, and national levels
  • Direct the learning outcomes within both the Academic and the Resident Internship phases of the program
  • Collaborate in creating the Resident Internship opportunities for both the students as well as the small business community

How is the Cyber-READY Professionals Consortium program designed?

Through the power of the National Cybersecurity Student Associations, students will progress through the phases at their own pace with coach and faculty assistance:

  • Readiness to Learn
    • Accenture Skills to Succeed with professional coaches
  • Competency-Based Mastery Learning
    • Assessments with Digital Badging based on Proficiency, Competency, and Mastery
  • Resident Intern Clinics
    • Students assist the small business community with risk and compliance assessments and recommendations