2023 Innovations

The National CyberWatch Center’s Innovations in Cybersecurity Education Awards and Recognition Program is a vehicle where cybersecurity educators can share their advancements and innovations in their programs, accelerate adoption of new ideas throughout the academic community, and receive proper recognition for their work.

This program is now part of the Cybersecurity Capabilities and Careers Symposia (3CS). Please consider submitting a presentation, demonstration, or evidence-based practice as part of the regional 3CS events.

Updated: January 4, 2023


  • Provide a platform for recognizing innovative ways that cybersecurity education is taught
  • Provide a pathway for faculty to submit to the prestigious Cybersecurity Skills Journal (CSJ)
  • Disseminate educator’s innovations through the annual Innovations in Cybersecurity Education publication, via National CyberWatch monthly e-newsletters, blogs, dedicated marketing emails, at conferences, and in robust social media campaigns
  • Reinforce support for creative solutions to educational challenges
  • Provide the community with a growing inventory of programs and educators from which to find and emulate good ideas


  • Bring national prestige to the contributing educator and institution
  • Join a dynamic national network of innovators
  • Eliminate the reinvention of the proverbial wheel by bringing awareness to what other institutions are doing that is proven successful
  • Included in the Innovations in Cybersecurity Education publication
  • Acknowledged (winners) during opening plenary session at the annual Community College Cyber Summit (3CS)