Share Your Innovations

National CyberWatch Center’s Innovations in Cybersecurity Education member program is launching!!  It is built on the premise that National CyberWatch members are some of the best cybersecurity educational innovators, and that through National CyberWatch, they can share their innovations, accelerate their adoption throughout the academic community, and receive proper recognition for their work.

The goals of the program are:

  • Engage National CyberWatch members in a meaningful manner and provide them both a platform to present and be recognized for their best ideas, as well as a repository to find and emulate good ideas of other members
  • Identify innovations in cybersecurity education
  • Assemble innovations in cybersecurity education and make the collection available to a wide audience, with priority placed on NCC members

Benefits include:

  • Bringing prestige to the institution through national visibility provided through National CyberWatch
  • The ability to see what other schools are doing and eliminate the re-invention of the proverbial wheel


All National CyberWatch Center members received nomination forms for the Innovations in Cybersecurity Education program. The form requested basic and easy-to-capture information, like program name, people involved in its conception and roll out, reasons for success, and replication potential.  The deadline for application submissions was March 15, 2017. Shortly after, a panel of cybersecurity educators and National CyberWatch Center partners reviewed these submissions, 44 in total (far exceeding our expectations), and selected 5 for recognition.

A reference document was created listing all nominations and a brief write up for each, including the 2017 awardees. You can find an electronic copy HERE.

Submissions for the 2017 Innovations in cybersecurity program have closed. Please stay tuned tuned for the 2018 program.