This A.S. degree combines Computer Science fundamentals with secure coding concepts. It is also designed as a transfer degree into baccalaureate programs of study in Computer Science.

Students completing this degree can apply for jobs as:

  • Developer
  • Programmer
  • Coder
  • Computer Programmer
  • Application Developer
  • Software Developer

Secure Software Development A.S. Degree By Semester

First Year
Fall Spring
Gen Ed: Transitioning to College (1) Gen Ed: Arts and Humanities (3)
Gen Ed: IT (3) (e.g., Secure Mobile App Development OR Secure Operating Systems) Gen Ed: Social and Behavioral Sciences (3)
Calculus I (4) Discrete Math (4)
NCC 210: Information Security Fundamentals (3) Gen Ed: College Composition II (3)
Gen Ed: College Composition I (3) NCC 221: Intro. to Secure Programming Logic (3)
14 Credits 16 Credits
Second Year
Fall Spring
NCC 222: Computer Science I (4) NCC 224: Computer Architecture & Organization (4)
Gen Ed: Fundamentals of Speech (3) Gen Ed: Biological and Physical Sciences with a Lab (4)
NCC 223: Computer Science II (4) Gen Ed: Social and Behavioral Sciences (3)
Probability & Statistics OR Linear Algebra (4) Gen Ed: Biological and Physical Sciences (4)
15 Credits 15 Credits