National CyberWatch Center Launches Cybersecurity Curriculum Standards Panel

September 21, 2016

When it comes to cybersecurity education, making sure academic institutions are offering the kinds of courses and skills industry is desperate for is a challenge. The National CyberWatch Center is responding to this unmet need by launching a national curriculum standards panel initiative.

The National CyberWatch Center curriculum committee, led by Dr. Margaret Leary, National CyberWatch Center Director of Curriculum, and Dr. David Tobey, National CyberWatch Center Director of Assessment, are collaborating with more than 100 volunteer faculty, industry and government representatives to produce the nation’s first curriculum model standard for cybersecurity education.

These standards will be the first to align instructional design, skill practice facilities, cybersecurity professional job performance standards, national workforce frameworks, and industry needs. The Core Cybersecurity Course Mapping Project will be the first of several planned initiatives by the National CyberWatch Center to produce formative credentialing solutions that increase the number of capable cybersecurity professionals protecting the U.S. from cyber incursions as well as increasing the reliability and effectiveness of the computing infrastructure that is critical to national security and economic prosperity.

“The results of this work will help many institutions develop industry-relevant cybersecurity educational programs. It also will help ensure that employers of new graduates are hiring cybersecurity workers with necessary competencies to enable them to hit the ground running,” said Dr. Margaret Leary, National CyberWatch Center Director of Curriculum.

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