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National CyberWatch Center Publishes Resource on Impact of Competitions on Cybersecurity Education

June 2, 2016

Whether it’s the Olympics, a spelling bee or “American Idol”, competitions of all varieties provide windows of opportunity. John Sener’s newly released white paper, “The Role of Student Competitions in Cybersecurity Education” concludes that the impact competitions have on cybersecurity education are similar as they enable participants to show their

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National CyberWatch Center Publishes Resource on Navigating Transfer Pathways for Cybersecurity Students

May 28, 2016

Studying cybersecurity is a challenge in itself; navigating the various academic pathways to further one’s education towards a career shouldn’t be. Interested stakeholders now have John Sener’s newly released white paper, “Transfer Pathways in Cybersecurity Education: Challenging Routes, Promising Practices, Possible Improvements,” to help them.   Read More  

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E-Books Available for Cybersecurity Instructors at No Cost

April 19, 2016

Teach students the best with help from National CyberWatch Center. National CyberWatch Center can help educators get students further in the field of cybersecurity through the use of their newly released e-Books at no cost. As the demand for qualified employees in cybersecurity jobs grows—there are an estimated one million

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