Bring your expertise to the National CyberWatch Center’s Curriculum Standards Panel

July 23, 2019

For anyone who has wanted to make an impact in cybersecurity education and workforce development, now is the chance. Share your security knowledge, skills, and expertise as part of the National CyberWatch Center Curriculum Standards Panel. Registration is now open.

The National CyberWatch Curriculum Standards Panel was established in 2016 to identify the learning objectives, concepts, procedures, situational judgments and intellective abilities required to develop capability maturity in cybersecurity foundational principles, techniques, tactics, and protocols. Past Curriculum Standards Panel work includes aligning instructional design, skill practice facilities/ranges, cybersecurity professional job performance standards, national workforce frameworks, and industry needs.

Volunteers are needed to continue this important work to help educate and train future information security professionals. Besides serving the community, becoming a panelist yields several benefits including: preferential access to open source materials; Continuing Professional Education credits; authorship attribution on open source content and assessments; and awards and recognition at conferences, National CyberWatch events, publications, and through various marketing and communications channels.

The time commitment is one hour per week for one year depending on when you join a panel. All the work can be done online using synchronous and asynchronous technologies. Panelists can contribute to one or more Topic Area Working Groups (TAWGs) based on their expertise in teaching, designing, or having relevant work experience in the focal topic area. A panelist can also become a TAWG chair or vice chair as well, which qualifies them for the editorial board of the Open Educational Resource course materials library.

“The 2018 Curriculum Standards Panel (CSP) created the nation’s first unbiased assessment of cybersecurity capability maturity enabling the accurate identification of capability completely without prejudice towards race, gender, academic or industry credentials according to a study conducted with recruiters from IBM. The 2019 CSP will be leveraging the success of this prior work in developing the nation’s first open-source library of competency-based education materials for cybersecurity education and training,” said Dr. David H. Tobey, the Director of Research and Assessments for the National CyberWatch Center.

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