Call for Peer Reviewers

Article authors, exceptional peer reviewers, and editorial team members become Fellows of the Cybersecurity Skills Journal and are eligible for recognition awards and fellowships:

  • CSJ Associate editorship is awarded to thought leaders based on established publication record or accomplishments
  • CSJ Fellow Reviewer awards recognize high quality and/or quantity of insightful and constructive reviews
  • CSJ Research Impact awards recognize highly cited and influential articles
  • CSJ Practice Impact awards recognize the application of published digital assets


The Cybersecurity Skills Journal: Practice and Research is the nation’s first hybrid-access scholarly publication focused exclusively on cybersecurity skills. It seeks to raise the capability maturity of the cybersecurity workforce through open and free dissemination of research on evidence-based practices and private access to digital tools and practice guides.

The Cybersecurity Skills Journal: Practice and Research is published by the National CyberWatch Center. Authors benefit from exceptional support, knowledge, and resources and enjoy both national and international exposure. Upon publication, Cybersecurity Skills Journal articles are distributed widely to individuals and organizations through the National CyberWatch Center Digital Press and affiliated publishing organizations. Special issues coincide with national events, with best papers on skill development eligible for awards through the Innovations in Cybersecurity Education program. Through print and electronic access, articles published in Cybersecurity Skills Journal are available to a global audience of over 300 institutions and 35,000 potential readers.

Editorial Board

David H. Tobey, Ph.D., Management and Administrative Services
Assistant Professor of Management
Indiana University South Bend

Laurin Buchanan, CISSP, Associate Editor
Principal Investigator
Secure Decisions

Robin A. Gandhi, Ph.D., Associate Editor
Associate Professor, Cybersecurity
University of Nebraska Omaha

Eman El-Sheikh, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Cybersecurity
Professor, Computer Science
University of West Florida

Elizabeth K. Hawthorne, Ph.D., CISSP
Senior Professor Emeritus, Computer Science, Union County College
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Computer Science/Cybersecurity, Rider University

Casey W. O’Brien
Assistant Director for Cyber Defense Education and Training
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
The Grainger College of Engineering
Information Trust Institute

Filipo Sharevski, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
DePaul University