CTFs in the Classroom

Capture-the-flag (CTF) competitions provide dynamic, real-time environments intended to engage and challenge the participants. However, they are often not designed to be primarily educational, but rather participants learn as a by-product of their desire to complete a challenge. While engaging, this creates a dilemma in attempting to utilize a CTF in the classroom. Participants that are unable to receive assistance during a competition run the risk of being unable to successfully complete all learning objectives.

In this Virtual Brown Bag Lunch, Josh Stroschein introduces a custom designed CTF framework that is freely available and aspires to solve many of the difficulties inherent in the current CTF space. This framework aims to provide an educational CTF platform through the use of a novel help system. This approach maximizes learning and student engagement, opening the utility of such frameworks to the classroom.

Presentation Recording

Presentation Dates: August 8 and 10, 2018

Publisher: National CyberWatch Center
Date Published: November 9, 2018
Education Level: Higher Education
Type: Audio/Visual, Instructional Material, Virtual Brown Bag Lunches
Language: English