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Recruiting Women to Cybersecurity: From Intention to Action Webcast

In this webcast, Donna Milgram showed participants how two schools boosted female (and male) enrollments in Cybersecurity and IT programs after attending a WomenTech Educators Training, and how they could apply these techniques to boost (and retain) similar enrollments in their programs:

  • Fayetteville Technical Community College doubled female enrollment in their Cybersecurity program in only 5 months – from 12 to 22 women. Male enrollment also increased from 58 to 101
  • Broward College increased female enrollment in their IT & Computer Science Department (including Cybersecurity) – by 77 women in a year’s time. Male enrollment also increased from 751 to 1009

About the Presenter: Donna Milgram has dedicated her career to helping women succeed in fields that have been traditionally dominated by men. Ms. Milgram has been a Principal Investigator on five National Science Foundation (NSF) grants. She presented at the CyberSmart Summit: North America’s Only Cybersecurity Skills & Workforce Development Summit 2019, in Canada; she was part of a small group selected to participate in the Women in Cybersecurity Roundtable: sponsored by New America and the National Initiative on Cybersecurity Education (NICE) in 2018; and in 2018, conducted a webinar on Recruiting Women to Cybersecurity for National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week for NICE.

Date Produced: June 11, 2020, 2pm ET

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Date Published: May 28, 2020
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