Resource Guide: Preparing for the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC): A Guide for New Teams and Recommendations for Experienced Players

This 32-page guide, from the National CyberWatch Center, guides teams new to cyber defense competitions on how to prepare to participate. The guide stressed the importance of cyber competitions in educating students for the workforce by prompting them to “use critical thinking and problem solving skills to complete tasks they have not seen in the classroom.” The basics of Collegiate Cyber Defense Competitions are introduced and explained, including tips on recruiting and organizing a team, practicing for competition, what to expect during the competitions, how scoring works, scenarios and configurations used in competition, and assessing a team’s performance post-competition. This guide will be of particular interest to cyber defense students considering cyber defense competitions, as well as instructors who might mentor such students.

Publisher: National CyberWatch Center
Date Published: January 23, 2015
Classification: Oversight and Development, Protect and Defend
Education Level: Higher Education
Type: Reference Material, Resource Guide
Language: English