A hands-on, scalable, and customizable virtual platform that proves skills are the cornerstone of any degree, certificate, training, or assessment program. Infosec Learning’s hands on virtual lab platform offers our members an unmatched turnkey training and assessment solution with real world tools and technology.

This lab solution solves faculty and student needs in the following ways:

  • Cloud-based infrastructure, allowing schools to begin using it immediately
  • No up-front cost to the school, nor any on-going fees
  • Hundreds of virtual labs mapped to many National CyberWatch courses, professional certifications, and various frameworks (e.g., National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework, National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Knowledge Units)
  • All HTML 5, no plugins needed
  • Step-by-step lab tutorials with corresponding virtual machines
  • Instructor analytics allowing faculty to see the activity of their students
  • Learning Tools Integration (LTI) into the school’s Learning Management System (LMS), allowing for single-sign-on capability
  • Ability to update and distribute content seamlessly, without effort from the school
  • Tech support: 7 days a week (8am – Midnight)
  • Capture the Flag-type Challenge Labs with auto-scoring


Ordering Access Codes:

  • Instructors: Create an account here – in addition to getting a demo access code, you also get the latest information on new labs and access to various support documents (e.g., how to integrate the lab environment into your Learning Management System).
  • Ordering Access Codes: as of the Spring 2017 semester, your students can either buy access codes from your school’s bookstore, or they can by them directly from Infosec Learning:
    • Bookstore Option:
      • The bookstore needs to go here
      • After they agree to the Terms and Order Access Codes, they need to complete the form; in the Order Information section of this site, they click Course Ordering Checklist and select the appropriate set of labs
      • Once the Bookstore orders the lab access codes, Infosec Learning will send them electronically, along with an invoice
      • NOTE: if your bookstore orders more access codes than they sell in a given semester, they can be re-sold in a future semester
    • Buy Direct Option:
      • The first time a student clicks on a link to launch a lab in the hosted virtual environment, they are prompted to either enter their access code they purchased from your bookstore, or can choose to buy an access code directly from Infosec Learning

For more information, including setting up a demo of the Complete Cloud-Based Lab Solution, click the button below.