The following technical courses provide the foundation for the various National CyberWatch Center degree and certificate programs, as well as for industry-recognized certifications.


NCC 200: Networking I: Networking Fundamentals3
NCC 201: Networking II: Switching, Routing, and Wireless Fundamentals4
NCC 202: Networking III: Enterprise Networking, Security, and Automation4
NCC 204: Linux Server I: Linux Fundamentals3
NCC 206: Windows Server I: Installing and Configuring Windows Server3
NCC 207: Windows Server II: System Administration4
NCC 208: Windows Server III: Advanced System Administration4
NCC 209: Secure Server Services4
NCC 210: Information Security Fundamentals3
NCC 211: TCP/IP Fundamentals3
NCC 212: Scripting Fundamentals3
NCC 213: Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems Fundamentals4
NCC 214: Ethical Hacking & Systems Defense4
NCC 215: Digital Forensics I: Digital Forensics Fundamentals4
NCC 216: Digital Forensics II: Advanced Digital Forensics4
NCC 217: Operating Systems Fundamentals3
NCC 218: Hardware I: Hardware Fundamentals4
NCC 219: Network Forensics and Incident Response4
NCC 220: Network Security I: Network Security Fundamentals4
NCC 221: Introduction to Secure Programming Logic3
NCC 222: Computer Science I4
NCC 223: Computer Science II4
NCC 224: Computer Architecture & Organization4
NCC 225: Introduction to Relational Databases3
NCC 226: Secure Coding3
NCC 227: Computer Science III3
NCC 228: C# Programming3
NCC 229: Structured Query Language3
NCC 230: Introduction to Assured Software Engineering3
NCC 231: Mobile Application Programming3
NCC 232: Database Administration3
NCC 233: Structured System Analysis3
NCC 234: Cybersecurity Risk Management3
NCC 235: Cybersecurity Law and Ethics3
NCC 236: Cloud Computing Fundamentals3
NCC 237: Cloud Security Architecture and Operations4
NCC 238: Wireless Networking Fundamentals4
NCC 239: Wireless Security Fundamentals4
NCC 240: Security Operations Center Fundamentals4
NCC 241: Vulnerability Management Fundamentals4
NCC 243: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals4
NCC 244: Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate4
NCC 245: Introduction to Cybersecurity3