2022 National CyberWatch Center Innovations in Cybersecurity Education Publication

2022 Innovations in Cybersecurity Education

One of the major strengths of the National CyberWatch Center is its ability to aggregate and disseminate the capacity and creative experimentation found within our academic and workforce communities. The 2022 Innovations in Cybersecurity Education program (now in its 6th year), part of the National CyberWatch Center’s awards and recognition program, was built on the premise that our members are some of the best cybersecurity educational innovators, and that through our Center, they can share their innovations, accelerate their adoption, and receive proper recognition for their work. This publication is an example of this capacity and creativity in action.

All National CyberWatch Center members received the online nomination form via various e-Blasts, the monthly e-Newsletter (NCC Communicator), social media campaigns, and dissemination/outreach via various partners. The deadline for submissions was May 10, 2022. Shortly after, a panel of cybersecurity educators and past Innovations winners reviewed the submissions and selected those for recognition in this publication.