Impact of the NSF/ATE Cybersecurity Centers on the U.S. Cybersecurity Workforce

This document highlights the need to develop a specialized cybersecurity workforce to defend the United State’s digital information and infrastructure, and how those needs has been addressed by NSF ATE centers. Although there are a number of ATE Centers with cybersecurity curricula, this document focuses specifically on the contributions of Center for Cyber Security and Information Assurance (CSSIA) and Cyberwatch. Included are sections on curriculum development, information on the expanding pool of cybersecurity students, professional development, student cyber competitions, membership/partnership/consortium development, leveraging industry partnerships, building educational pathways, program capacity building, the åäÌÝ̏Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Security Education 2 YearåäÌÝå (CAE2Y) Program, and Virtualization. Finally, the impact of these NSF ATE cybersecurity centers are evaluated on a broad scale.

Publisher: Unknown
Date Published: April 3, 2014
Classification: Oversight and Development
Education Level: Vocational/Professional Development Education
Type: Reference Material
Language: English