National CyberWatch Webcast: Ready or Not? Determining a student's readiness for an information security fundamentals course, Dec. 20, 2022

How to Boost Female Enrollment in your Cybersecurity Program, Finally! Webcast

In this webcast, Donna Milgram, Executive Director, National Institute for Women in Trades, Technology & Science, showed how schools boosted female (and male) enrollments in Cybersecurity and IT programs after attending a WomenTech Educators Training. Participants were provided with practical takeaways, including how to apply proven techniques to boost enrollments in academic programs, such as:

  • The top 3 mistakes schools make that keep female enrollments low.
  • The top 3 recruitment strategies that work.
  • What else you need to change besides your mindset to have real results.

:: Webcast Date: October 5, 2023

:: Presentation Recording