2023 Great Lakes Cybersecurity Capabilities and Careers Symposium (3CS) Cybersecurity Skills Development Workshop (CSDW): Road Map to Becoming A Dynamic Cybersecurity Professional Upon Hire, Albert McBride

2023 MA-3CS Cybersecurity Skills Development Workshops: Road Map to Becoming A Dynamic Cybersecurity Professional Upon Hire

Saturday, April 1, 2023, 1-5pm ET

In this 1/2 day workshop, participants will explore topics ranging from the work to be done before getting hired (e.g., working with recruiters, interviewing); the importance of stakeholder communication; creating your own road map that helps build a foundation as a cybersecurity consultant; What’s happens once you get hired?; learning development; mentoring relationships; work/life balance; mental health as IT/security professional; and more.


  • The Plan ahead. The Getting Hired Pre-Work:
    • Topic 1: Working with Recruiters, Resume, Hiring Managers ,Career Coaches, Network development
    • Topic 2: Interview/Training your mind via Client Relationship Development by practice of your Softer Skills
    • Topic 3: Incident Response is a great starting role for your career in Cyber Security-Key Factors of Success as an individual team member (Sample Run Book Creation)
    • Topic 4: Importance of Stakeholders communication as a  Professional Cyber Security Consultant
    • Topic 5: Create Your own Road Map that helps you build a foundation as a Cyber Security Professional consultant
  • The Plan ahead. I’m Hired Now What?
    • Topic 6: Learning Development, Consultants are Developed constant Education
    • Topic 7: Mentoring Relationships Development by practice of your Softer Skills
    • Topic 8: Balancing Act- Work/Life
  • Topic 9: Mental Health as IT/Security Professional
    Topic 10: Rinsing and Repeating every few Months

Instructor Bio

Albert McBride Jr. is a respected thought leader, cyber defense leader, and mentoring professional with experience in developing cybersecurity operational guidance to clients at all levels from Fortune 100 to Fortune 500 level firm/government agencies. Al has proven successes in developing methodologies for successful security practice utilizing his knowledge of HIPPA, PCI, and NIST, as well as other security compliance frameworks and breach remediation plans.